An Alternative Wedding…

What is an alternative wedding? I would define this as Katie and Jakes Wedding. It’s always interesting when you come across a refreshingly quirky couple that want you to capture their day. When I met Katie and Jake I thought “Yes! Tattoos, cool hair, beards (just Jake), piercings and a leg in cast, this is going to look alternative, different and hipster!”  And when it approached their day they certainly did it with style.

I love camper vans. ADORE THEM. And so when I saw a rusty brown one parked outside the house that morning I was buzzing, it echoed Katie and Jake already. They told me they wanted a shabby chic, alternative and personal wedding, and so commenced a beautifully sunny day of vows in a gorgeous, vintage barn over at The Fleece Inn in Evesham (which I would certainly recommend based on the amazing details) It was a relaxed day filled with friends and family afar that enjoyed a BBQ, some cheeky ice-cream in a Teepee, beer pong (oh yes), emotional speeches and wait for it….flower seeds as favours. I LOVE PLANTS which is why I plant a tree for every wedding I film with eforests, so this was right up my street. I think I could certainly call this an alternative wedding when I realised the first dance was to a song written/performed by friends – loved it! 

I’ve been asked in the past if I ever cry at weddings and this is one of those prime examples where I can mumble ‘yeah….’ because Jake nearly had me in tears with his speech – in fact you killed me mate. But it was beautiful and the supportive reactions from Katie/family were priceless, I’ve got it all on camera ready to cry over again in the edit!

Can we give a “hurrah” for an alternative wedding!

Here’s a very teeny taster of the video to come…

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Edwards!

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