Promotional Videos for Businesses and Charities

Promotional Videos for Businesses and Charities

I have been involved in the production of several promotional films in my freelance life that I have thoroughly enjoyed doing. Not only do I get to be submerged in random topics, such as, the story of a secret Welsh village, how boats were made, the science behind farming plastics and the charities of Mexico, to name a few, but I also get to meet a fantastic and diverse range of people passionate about their work.

That’s why I like to keep my working lifestyle as open as possible and remind people that not only do I film weddings but I also create promotional films for businesses and charities looking to raise their profiles.

What’s my style?

I believe people are at the heart of every good story and every successful business. I make it my job to capture the thoughts and natural moments of those people that inadvertently bring attention to the solid foundations of a good business/charity. Whether it’s a dedicated worker who loves his job or a young person going through a transformation whilst volunteering abroad, we as humans relate to others and the ethos of any business or charity can be told through it’s people. My style is that of relate-ability and empathy told through everyday folk! Check out this trailer for a Christian charity based in Newcastle and their work in Mexico.

How can I get a video made?

If you’re looking for a promotional video that raises your profile, attracts new interest and raises awareness of your work then please use the contact form to get in touch and we can sit down with a coffee, plan a solid video and get it out there for all to see!


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