New Showreel!

Hello! This is just a quick few words about my new showreel which showcases the other types of videos I produce alongside weddings. As with weddings, I take a very personable approach to filmmaking and enjoy extracting interesting stories from people/communities to help communicate their important messages.

For example, I also produce;

  • Films and videos aimed at raising awareness and fundraising, ideal for charities
  • Corporate videos and films to showcase work and business progress through it’s people
  • Event filming to capture the heart of a one-off do and its impact on it’s audience


In my early 20’s it was my personal mission to travel and see how the other half lived, since then I’ve had a fascination with the way we can pull together to share knowledge, experiences and cultures. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing the experiences I encountered through a series of photos/blogs and I hope you can share them with me! Here you will gain an insight into how I became obsessed with travel and the people I met along the way 🙂

In the meantime please take a short 1 minute glance at my latest showreel and let me know your thoughts,



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